When school started in the fall of 1974, white parents met the buses of black students with racial epithets, stones and bottles. They shattered windows and sent black students home with broken glass in their hair. They harassed white families who went along with desegregation.

The violence centered around the working-class community of South Boston High School, which was eventually put into receivership by the court, but was also present in the city’s middle class white neighborhoods. In the first years of integration, some white students were tutored at home; many white families left the city or sent their children to parochial or other private schools.

“The Soiling of Old Glory,” Stanley J. Forman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph. Boston, April 5, 1976.

Southie Boy Rough Cut: South Boston Boy’s Experience

http://digitaljournalist.org/issue0803/the-photograph-that-shocked-america-and-the-victim-who-stepped-outside-the-frame.html (photo credit)